How to use CBD honey in the kitchen? Our advice

Talking about honey with CBD means talking about two substances with impressive virtues. Honey is a natural food that has several benefits for human health. A product of bees, this liquid is sought after for its restorative, healing and moisturizing effects on the skin.

honey cbd

CBD is the miraculous molecule extracted from the cannabis plant. Its relaxing, soothing and anti-inflammatory virtues are no longer to be proven.

The combination of these two substances can only result in a real magic potion. CBD honey is not the fruit of bees that have consumed cannabis.

It is not a simple natural honey in which CBD has been added. It is a honey to which fatty substances with CBD have been added. Bought in stores or made at home, CBD honey is an excellent ally in the kitchen, as its benefits are numerous.

Would you like to use CBD honey in cooking? You can add CBD honey to your drinks. You can use it in baked goods or in other recipes like salad.

Honey with CBD: what should you know about this duo?

CBD honey is not a product of bees foraging in a cannabis field. It is a CBD product that is obtained by a particular process. The CBD flowers are activated beforehand with a light heat.

honey cbd

They are infused in a vegetable oil which will be mixed with honey. The mixture is made because the different cannabinoids of the cannabis (cannabidiol) are essentially liposoluble. This makes it difficult to infuse the flower of this plant directly into honey.

CBD honey is a simple product, available in specialty stores and is widely sought after for its many virtues.

When ordered from vendors, the product offered that operates the right dosage between CBD oil (30 % of CBD and less than 0.2% of THC concentration) and organic honey. It is also a simple recipe that any CBD lover can try at home.

Three ingredients are enough:

To these basic ingredients, aromatic and medicinal plants can be added at will to give the honey a particular flavor or more interesting virtues. This is the case of chamomile flowers, vanilla pods, rose petals, passion flower, lavender, thyme, rosemary or basil.

The different uses of CBD honey in cooking

Like natural or regular honey, CBD honey is a very useful product in food. In the kitchen, it can be used in a variety of ways in recipes, from pre-cooking mixes to simple seasonings and spreads.

CBD honey can be used to prepare drinks, baked goods, raw food dishes and other recipes.

The use of honey with CBD for drinks

One of the best methods of ingesting CBD remains its consumption in infusions. CBD honey is the best way to do it. It is used in cooking, especially to replace sugar in various hot drinks.

It is enough to put a spoon of CBD honey in its cup of coffee or tea. In addition to the natural sugar it brings, it gives the drink a relaxing side.

For CBD consumers, it is possible to add CBD honey simply into a regular CBD infusion. This is the best way to balance or increase the concentration of CBD.

CBD honey for baked goods

Baking is another interesting area to magnify the benefits of CBD honey in cooking. It is a liquid capable of improving the nutritional and calorie content of baked goods. Many baked goods can be made with CBD honey.

It is possible to make CBD honey brownies. It is possible to make brownies without baking them apart from the icing in this pastry. This avoids the need to heat the CBD honey and the effectiveness of the recipe is guaranteed.

CBD honey can also be used to make cookies. The addition of CBD honey replaces sugar and chocolate chips. You get an excellent CBD baked good. Regardless of how it is used in baking, CBD honey usually gives them a relaxing sweetness.

Other uses of CBD honey in cooking

CBD honey can be used for various other purposes in the kitchen. The product is less potent than in drinks but effective in food.

Cooking with CBD honey doesn't change the flavor or texture of the food, but it does allow for the potential benefits of CBD in a meal.

CBD honey can be used to prepare a dressing to enjoy a good salad. Simply mix it with mustard, olive oil and vinegar to obtain a tasty dressing.

CBD honey can be used in cooking to spread on breads, toast and crackers. Instead of your regular toast, simply spread CBD honey on pieces of bread or breakfast toast. The sweetness of CBD honey remains pleasant in the morning and all day long.

Precautions to take when using CBD honey in cooking

honey cbd

Using CBD honey in cooking is a great option for consumers who wish to consume the substance orally. For more effectiveness, it is necessary to take precautions.

The first precaution is to choose a high quality CBD honey first and foremost. If you decide to buy some, a survey of several brands will help you find the best one on the market.

Make sure that the product you choose is full spectrum to take advantage of all the cannabinoids in cannabis.

Once you have a quality CBD honey, keep these tips in mind when using it in cooking:

  • When opting for infusions with CBD honey, be careful with the temperatures. They should not be higher than 40°C;
  • Being a heat sensitive product, long exposure to heat should be avoided with the CBD honey pot;
  • Always stir the honey before using it for cooking mixtures;
  • Avoid consuming foods with CBD honey during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • After use, the product must always be closed, put in a cool and dry place, away from children.

The benefits of using CBD honey in cooking

The use of honey with CBD in cooking has many benefits. Combining 2 miraculous substances, this product is an excellent ally for health and well-being in general. Its sweet taste allows you to get the nutritional benefits of honey without the artificial ingredients.

Added to food, CBD honey aids digestion and wound healing. Its antioxidant content improves cardiovascular health and immune function.

Excellent calming, the CBD of honey allows to face the cutaneous inflammations, the problems of anguish, anxiety, depression as well as the muscular pains.

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