Why take CBD?

It's been several years now that we hear about CBD, this famous molecule that wants to be miraculous, if we believe the publicity that is made. You have also seen the emergence of several stores dedicated to the sale of CBD-based products, which is starting to pique your curiosity. If this molecule seems so interesting, why not try some products yourself, to make your own opinion? Discover right away the many virtues of CBD, as well as the different ways to consume it.

Taking CBD: in what form, and for what reasons? 

First of all, it is important to remember what CBD is, because many people confuse it with cannabis. If these two products come from hemp, their effects are quite different: cannabis contains THC, which is a psychotropic substance, at the origin of the high and hallucinogenic effects during its consumption. CBD, on the other hand, is a molecule extracted from hemp, which is devoid of THC. Its action is thus only curative and relaxing, and does not cause any addiction; it is for that reason that its consumption is authorized (provided that it does not exceed 0,2 % of THC).

take CBD

What are the benefits of CBD?

You will have understood, CBD is a rather versatile molecule, whose benefits can help a wide audience:

  • Its anti-inflammatory action can help relieve joint and muscle pain, such as tendonitis, osteoarthritis, disabling diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.
  • This same property can also soothe skin problems, which also have an inflammatory origin in some cases. CBD can therefore help you fight against acne, psoriasis or eczema.
  • The CBD is ideal for the anxious persons, or punctually stressed, with the approach of an examination for example. The molecule helps to relax, without making you sleepy.
  • In this optic, it is also a precious support for the persons suffering from the disorder of the sleep and/or the falling asleep. Its consumption about thirty minutes before going to bed will help you to relax, and will contribute to make you spend nights without alarm clock, with a restful sleep.
  • People suffering from headaches and migraines could also enjoy the benefits of CBD, which can cut the grass under the foot of the migraine. Beware, however, that the molecule does not have the same effect on everyone, and can have the opposite effect on some people.

How to consume CBD? 

There are many ways to absorb CBD; it all depends on your habits and needs:

  • If you want to be able to benefit quickly from its effects, and always have some with you, wherever you are, opt for the bottle of oil, which slips into a bag or a pocket. A few drops under the tongue, and you will be relieved in a few minutes.
  • Don't like the taste of CBD? Then try CBD infusions; they are often composed of mixtures containing fruits or plants, whose virtues complement the effects of CBD, with a fast absorption and a comforting side.
  • You like to vapoter? Then you can replace your tobacco e-liquids with CBD, to benefit from its effects quickly, and why not, wean you off nicotine gradually!

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