How does CBD act on the brain?

CBD is made from hemp. The female plants produce flowers that are then harvested, processed and sold for consumption. CBD is different from cannabis in that it is legal andit contains only very little THC, the molecule that is considered a drug. This is why it is possible to buy CBD directly in stores or online.

CBD is not a neurotoxic plant and yet it still acts on the brain. It helps relieve chronic pain, helps reduce anxiety, and helps relax someone who is regularly stressed. So what happens to the brain of the CBD user since it's all about the room? Here are some answers.

CBD and the brain: The effects of consumption

As mentioned above, its plant is not neurotoxic and therefore does not have a psychoactive effect like cannabis, which contains THC. However, some things happen in the brain when we consume it.

Increase of anandamide

When CBD is consumed, the brain stops producing an enzyme that blocks anandamide. It is a a neurotransmitter that helps regulate mood, memory, emotions and appetite for example. When the enzyme is blocked, the neurotransmitter produces much more, which increases feelings of well-being.

That's also why sometimes after consuming CBD, people feel hungry or have small memory lapses. Of course, as there is no THC in the plant, the effects are less and cannot be considered psychoactive. They do not act on the same part of the brain and cannot cause hallucinations. The person who consumes them will feel a sensation of well-being, he or she will not have what is called a bad trip.

CBD and the brain

Reduction of epileptic seizures

When a person has an epileptic seizure, it's because it's neurons are charging much more than usual. When a neuron is supposed to discharge 80 times per second, on average an epileptic will see it discharge 500 times. This corresponds to a kind of short circuit in the brain. It is there that the CBD enters in play, it will act on this part of the neurons, and reduce the intensity of seizures. Of course, it must be taken as part of a doctor approved treatment. CBD has been proven to be as effective as medication for epilepsy.

CBD helps with many diseases

Even though we mainly hear about epilepsy, CBD is very effective on a wide range of diseases. Since it acts on endorphins, it helps people with certain diseases to relieve pain. Be careful, it is not used to cure them.

Thus, we notice that people undergoing chemotherapy have much less pain when consuming CBD than those in their cancer without CBD. We also notice an improvement in tremors in people with Parkinson's disease. This disease is degenerative, the CBD allows to slow down the symptoms.

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