How to take CBD drops?

You have recently had the opportunity to try CBD in different forms, such as flowers, infusions, or in cosmetics. Only, these different modes of consumption do not necessarily suit you, at least not in any situation. What you are looking for is a CBD product that is convenient to carry and consume, so that you can have it with you all the time or almost. In this case, the ideal for you would be to have a bottle of CBD oil: it is the perfect size to fit in a small purse or pocket, to be ready to use at any time. However, for optimal and safe use of the oil, it is important to know how to consume it. We tell you more just below.

CBD drops: it's all about dosage!

If CBD oil is not a medicine in the strict sense of the word, it does have healing properties and must be used with care. It is, indeed, necessary to respect a certain dosage to avoid any counterproductive effect, based on several criteria that we will detail together.

CBD Drops

The concentration of CBD in the oil

It is necessary to know that the offer in the field of the CBD oil is immense, as well on the level of the marks, as of the perfumes, or of the concentration of the product. Because yes, all oils are not as powerful as each other! Generally, we find in the trade of the oils whose concentration in CBD varies from 5 to 50 %, with intermediate dosages by stages of 5 or 10 %. Obviously, the price also varies according to the concentration of the oil: count approximately 25 € for a bottle of oil to 5 %, against a hundred euros for one 40 %. 

How much to consume?

Thus, if you never tested the oil of CBD or any other product containing this molecule, you do not know if your organization will react favorably there; useless thus, to spend all your fortune in a strongly proportioned bottle. The safest thing to do is to start with a dosage of 5 or 10 %, to see if you react favorably to it at first. It is enough for that to pour 2 to 3 drops under your language, to obtain effects under about twenty minutes. If you do not experience any unpleasant effects, it means that your body seems to assimilate the CBD well. It is then up to you to adjust the intake according to your needs, without exceeding three intakes per day.

Adapt the plug to your needs 

The concentration of the oil and the dosage can vary according to the reason for your intake. Some people with severe migraines will not necessarily be relieved by an oil of 5 %, and will have to turn instead to 10 or 15 % for a rapid attenuation of pain. In all cases, increase the doses and concentration gradually, and do not hesitate to take advice from retailers, who will be able to direct you to the oil best suited to your needs.

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